The basics of proper nutrition: how to lose weight seriously and for a long time

What not to eat while losing weight, list of slimming products, healthy eating menu for a week and a month - find out here and become even more beautiful.

the basics of proper nutrition

Beauty requires sacrifice, but you don't always want to sacrifice it. The basics of weight loss foods are a lifestyle, not a one time event. Today is a day on kefir, and tomorrow - a pint and a half in one sitting - is no good. The body perceives leaps in diet as a personal insult and accumulates fat reserves during the days of abstinence.

Principles of good nutrition

Good food is always varied. Mono diets are only suitable for short-term use - a week at most, and when you need to lose weight really quickly.

Eating healthy is not possible without fruit and vegetables. Scientists recently suggested increasing their intake 2-4 times because a person is eating too many unhealthy foods.

How to Eat to Lose Weight? Fraction. 4-6 times a day - eating is more useful than twice and a lot. It is better to divide the servings into small parts, then the body will understand that it is fed regularly and does not accumulate excess fats.

How do I start eating right? Make a golden rule - drink water 30 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes after. This relieves the feeling of hunger, you automatically switch to smaller servings, and at the same time cleanse the body of toxins.

The right products for weight loss

the right foods for weight loss

Cereals in the form of cereals help the digestive tract to work better, are full and low in calories. Rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley porridge are preferred.

Apples - are used to cleanse the body of toxins, as they are high in fiber and rich in vitamin composition.

Fish (especially fatty species of marine fish: salmon, salmon, trout). Loaded with anti-aging antioxidants, it supports brain function and is easily absorbed.

Strawberries and other berries are used as detergents for harmful substances. Include them in your weight loss diet. Strawberries have 3-5 more vitamin C than lemon and more iron than apples.

Garlic is known to thin the blood and make it flow faster, that is, to improve blood circulation. This quickly saturates the cells with nutrients.

Carrots are good for the skin and eyes. There is a subtlety: carrots are eaten only with fats (for example, butter or cream). Beta carotene with fats is perfectly absorbed, but not without.

Good nutrition: time to eat

Time to eat right

If you want to lose weight without getting hungry, plan when and what to eat. This will help you maintain regular meals and keep your meals in reasonable proportions throughout the day. Say no to dry sandwiches and messy snacks on the go.

Everyone has a different schedule, so it's unreasonable to advise everyone to eat at the same time. And yet the system can be timed to give you maximum convenience.

Eat in half an hour or an hour after you wake up. During this time the digestive tract has time to begin and food is easily absorbed.

Take a 3-4 hour break between meals.

Don't eat 3 hours before bed, especially if you're exercising in the evening. Better to drink water or juice without sugar.

Distribute the maximum number of calories in the first half of the day and plan a lighter diet in the second half.

Elderly and debilitated people are recommended to eat at least four times a day after the operation and use more than a third of the calories for lunch and up to 15% for dinner.

What not to eat while losing weight

Everyone knows this list, but not everyone is ready to follow it. Cakes, sweets with sugar and flour, smoked, fried, spicy are taboo for losing weight. These dishes whet your appetite, you want to eat more, and we're no longer talking about a schedule. To stay within a healthy diet, there is no need to tease your taste buds with unnecessary "snacks". The fewer spices in a bowl, the less you eat and the less stressful the body.

Proper nutrition, nutrition

the right diet for weight loss

Breakfast cereals without salt, steamed, boiled, baked vegetables, boiled meat (not fried) (not crispy! ) make your waist thin, your skin clear and your self-esteem high.

What else is in the list of slimming products:

  • Greens and salads.
  • Sugar-free baked goods (diet biscuits).
  • Fermented dairy products with a fat content of zero or 1%.
  • tea without sugar.
  • vegetable soups and broths.

This is the basis of good nutrition. If you are on such a diet on a daily basis, there is no need for diets.

Proper nutrition for weight loss: menu

There are hundreds of different diets. To find your own, define a range of products that will become pleasure, not hell, for you. Based on this, create a weekly diet. Products should be useful as we discussed above. We offer a version of the menu for weight loss based on cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese is used in the diet of overweight people:

  • Lose weight,
  • it's easy to digest,
  • saturates well,
  • strengthens hair, teeth and nails.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are added to the curd, except for grapes (they are too high in calories).

Cottage cheese diet for 3 days

Use only fresh and high-quality homemade cottage cheese. This is the main course that is eaten without sugar (you can't control that much). Cucumber, orange, other healthy vegetables and fruits are eaten between cottage cheese. From drinks - freshly squeezed juice (but not on an empty stomach) and mineral water without gas, tea and coffee without sugar.

On such a diet, you can lose 3-5 kg ​​per week. And if you are lucky, even more.

Menu for healthy eating for the week

pp menu for a month
  • Breakfast - porridge with boiled vegetables. Porridge should be changed every two days: oatmeal - barley rice.
  • afternoon snack. Cottage cheese without sugar, vegetables.
  • lunch. Boiled chicken breast, fresh vegetable salad with a spoon of olive oil.
  • afternoon snack (after 3 hours). Fresh or steamed vegetable salad without spices. 2-3 cookies without sugar.
  • dinner. A small serving of sea fish, kefir.

Drink green tea, clean water, and mineral water between meals. This 7 day meal will help you lose 5 to 8 kg.

Menu for healthy eating for a month

If you only eliminate unhealthy foods, including purified water on the menu, and eat them fractionated, you will already get great results. If you choose the right menu for losing weight, the effect will increase by another 2-3 kilograms.

Track your calories. People who have reduced their diet by just 300 calories a day lose weight to 13 kg a year. It is enough to follow the correct nutrition plan.

How do I create a menu for a month?

Select 3-4 types of grain that you use for grain in the morning (excluding semolina). This is the most balanced diet for weight loss.

Choose seasonal vegetables - don't use greenhouse vegetables as they can be nitrates. Buy the necessary products from your grandmothers in the market: beets, carrots, potatoes - they are fundamentally different from those sold in supermarkets.

Cut sugar out of your diet - altogether! And cut the amount of salt in half. This alone will help shed extra inches from your waist and hips.

Select the pool of drinks you want to drink: tea, coffee, purified water. Coffee - no more than 2-3 cups a day, preferably green tea.

The right diet for weight loss are fish and meat dishes. They are cooked 2 times a week, eaten in small portions and only boiled, baked or steamed.

Do not forget about foods for weight loss such as onions, garlic, basil. Add them to salads and granola. This will help the body discharge any excess quickly.

What fruits can you eat while losing weight? They should have two main properties: low calorie content and easy absorption by the body. And almost every fruit is rich in vitamins. Orange, kiwi, lemon, cherry are very good on the menu of the day.

Weight Loss Nutrition Systems

Slimming nutritional systems

The diet menu for weight loss is compiled on the recommendation of a gastroenterologist or nutritionist. This enables intelligent and timely adjustment of the diet.

Vegetarianism - no meat and for vegans - fish, milk and butter. With such a system, they lose weight quickly. However, for the first month, you may feel uncomfortable as toxins leave the body. Meat proteins have to be replaced by soy protein, otherwise the cells have no material to build on. This healthy daily diet becomes a lifestyle with due care.

Separate meals - eat proteins and carbohydrates separately, not together. Do not combine proteins and fats, sour fruits and starchy vegetables. No alcohol and a minimum of salt. However, an excellent diet for weight loss is not suitable for people with stomach ulcers and diabetes.

Meals 4 hours before bed. Not eating after 6 p. m. is difficult but doable. On such a system, even very fat people lose 8-10 kg in 1-1, 5 months. Soon such a system becomes a habit, and the body stops asking for food at night. But you can drink water.

Healthy food for men and women - the difference in the menu

The main difference is the number of calories. If a woman needs at least 1500 to lose weight, then for a man it needs at least 2500 a day.

healthy eating for men and women

Women have less muscle mass, which means they need less protein than men. At 45, the situation changed: men should reduce the amount of red meat, and especially sausages with spices. However, women need more natural meat products - this is made necessary by an increased amount of estrogen and the need for iron found in meat.

Vitamin E, the minerals selenium and zinc must be included in a man's diet after 35. There are many of these trace elements in seafood, especially oysters.

Women should prefer a menu with vitamins A, B6, E and folic acid. They contain legumes, cereals, ginger.

A healthy menu requires a sensible approach, regularity and a clear goal. Then you will succeed.